Stern Foo Fighters Pro Pinball Machine


Width; 69 cm / 27 inches
Length ; 140 cm / 55 inches
Height; 192 cm / 76 inches
Warranty; 24-month warranty

This Is A Call to all Foo Fighters fans! Introducing the coolest Foo Fighters collectible ever, now available for you to buy. Stern Pinball in Chicago, the world’s leading pinball manufacturer with a vast back catalogue of world-class licensed rock band tie-ins, has created a brand new suite of pinball machines based around the iconic Seattle song syndicate. So now you can show off your peak FF fan credentials with your very own pinball!

Stern has poured all its most up-to-date knowhow and technology into the Foo Fighters machines, with legendary Stern game designer Jack Danger creating the playfield and rulesets. This means that the game is an absolute winner in its own right, with fantastic longevity, a complex set of rules and features, and the ultimate in targeted, precision pinball gameplay. The best pinball ever? Stranger Things Have Happened..


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